Risk and Issue Management

Strategy is more of a way of thinking rather than a deliberate formulation around a rigid framework.  From time to time the thinking and the dialogue that produce your strategy may need stimulation and revamping particularly as your organisation and its interaction with other groups and structures can be affected by:

  • changes in external factors – political, economic, social, legislative, environmental and technical
  • increase in internal pressures and
  • unplanned events such as newly emerging cross-organizational interactions

Risk and issue management does exactly that.  It ensures that you can achieve your objectives by adapting your organisational strategy to manage and tolerate uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

We offer to guard the achievement of your objectives by:

  • testing regularly the strength of your existing strategy;
  • alerting you to potential risks and issues informed by environmental changes;
  • ensuring your ongoing resource allocation processes are aligned with your strategy as part of our dedication to sustainability

Please note that this service has a focus on the output of the strategy-development process respecting the frameworks, tools, and approaches that have generated your strategy.  It does not therefore review your strategy with view to alter it radically and it is offered more as a ‘prevention’.