We try to immerse ourselves in your cause.  Using our multilingual skills and multicultural perspectives we attempt to understand your target audience by going beyond the surface of who they are and what they are doing: we try to develop a sense of how they feel.

We distill this emotional intelligence into effective visual communication tools that attract attention and resonate with the target audience: 

– Create a unique identity for your organisation with a logo that at the same time gives your cause, event or product a personality;

– Show at a glance what the content of your journal or book is like with a cover that excites the reader;

– Benefit from the authority which intriguing and unexpected posters retain

2016: Cover: ‘Life at the edge’ 
Atacama desert, Chile
© 2016 Dime Ltd, Oxford, UK 


2015: Cover: ‘The way ahead’ 
© 2015 Dime Limited, Oxford, UK 


2014: ‘Escape from Within’ 
© 2014 Emmanuella Vernon, Faringdon, Oxon, UK 


2013: Cover: Obsession 
Artwork originally displayed in the exhibition Lovyrinthos, Bierbeek, Belgium, 2004. 
© 2013 Dime Ltd, Oxford, UK